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Old news by now but it’s not exactly shocking that Sarah Plain is bringing her conservative views to Fox News as a contributor. Seems like the talent like O’Reilly and Beck among others are welcoming the addition. She is getting hammered as usual by the sea wage on the left. Like Chris Matthews on MSNBC. Of course, no one watches his show so it’s rather irrelevant. Glen Beck made the comment on his radio show that on Monday, January 11, 2010, he (Beck) had more audience in one night than Matthews has had all year with over a 100,000 to go. That is pathetic. And the kicker is that when Palin starts doing her shows it will completely destroy the competition.

Think FoxNews ratings are good now? Wait until Palin steps in to commentate on Hannity, O’Reilly, Greta Van Susteren, Beck and Baier. It will be a bloodbath.


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Sarah Palin on the Tonight Show Gets Rock Star Reception on Tonight Show

Sarah Plain and William Shatner traded barbs with each other on the Tonight Show as each read a passage from each others respective books. The AP had this to say about Palin’s surprise visit to the show:

Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” on Friday — and turned the tables on actor William Shatner.

In recent appearances on the late-night television show, Shatner has adopted a serious pose and recited some of Palin’s less serious observations.

He was brought out again Friday to read passages from Palin’s blockbuster “Going Rogue.” The carefully selected passages included ones about rapper Kid Rock and stalking sheep.

Afterward, it was Palin’s turn to read from Shatner’s autobiography, “Up Till Now.” The former Alaska governor’s selections included one in which Shatner talks about visiting an African elephant “in my underwear.”

After the readings, there appeared to be no hard feelings. The two left the stage arm-in-arm.

Did you notice the rock star reception the crowd gave her? She was great as was Shatner.

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Palin Within 1 Point of Obama in Polls

Uh-oh. This has to be freaking out the left. Seems while their savior Barrack Obama continues to plummet in the polls, Sarah Palin continues to rise in the polls. Oh, and the left’s boogey man, Dick Cheney, he’s rising in the polls too.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting all this goodness. If a liberal rag like the LA Times is reporting this it must be getting the attention of the left.

Obama’s new Gallup Poll job approval number is 47%. Last month it was 53%.

The new CNN/Opinion Research Poll shows Palin now at 46% favorable. The same poll has bad news for Dick Cheney-haters; the outspoken former VP has climbed out of the 29% basement, back up to 39% now.

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More Palin Dismissals From the Huffington Post

Today it was Ed and Deb Shapiro’s turn to take a whack at belittling Sarah Palin. Their angle was to quote Buddha and compare that to how they see Palin living her life. The article was full of smarmy comments that were simple foolish. Let’s begin:

At the moment Palin is touring the country to promote her book, which has a very large number of words in it, but not all of them are necessarily either true or kind. Nor were her actions particularly kind when hundreds of eager autograph hunters were turned away, despite standing for hours in the rain and cold. All of us have the capacity to be caring and thoughtful, yet it can be so easy to put our own needs above another’s.

The problem is that Palin has thousands of supporters. At every stop. If she was to not stay on schedule she would never be able to leave. The point of a book tour is to see as many people as possible. There will always be people that will be disappointed. Life is harsh that way. Sometimes despite a person’s best effort they won’t be able to say hello to everyone. We all get turned away from people, places or things.


Going Rogue, the name of Palin’s book and the ideology she professes to adhere to, implies she wants to start a small revolution. Yet, having already ditched the governorship half way through her term, it is difficult to imagine what she wants to revolt against — is it having no governors at all?

Read the book and you will understand why she quit as governor. See, in Alaska if an ethics violation pops up you have to pay for the defense out of your own pocket. She had numerous frivolous ethics charges that she has to fight and pay for. The libtards can dismiss her as a quitter but it was their own doing to try to bog her down in ethics charges that caused her financial hardship and did harm to the State. I wonder what Buddha would say about this? hmmm

It would appear Sarah Palin believes that because she thinks something is right then that makes it right for everyone else as well.

A statement they threw against the wall that they did not back up with facts. I’d like to know what makes these writers believe Palin thinks this.

In the same way, Palin needs to be careful that she is not seduced by the delusion of power that leads to further illusions of grandeur. As this will, in the long run, harm her more than she harms anyone else.

sigh. Palin hasn’t even decided if she wants to run. The libtards continue their attacks and insults that she is not a serious person.

The writers pose the question:

What do you think it would take to make politics kinder and more honest?

I dunno. How about not attacking and insulting someone that you do not agree with. If you have nothing good to say, then keep it to yourself. Buddha might agree with that too.

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ABC News Ponder Question of Literacy After New Left Media Interview Sarah Palin Supporters

ABC News wonders if we are a nation of illiterates. They pose that question after New Left Media goes out to question Palin supporters.

Chase Whitestead and Erick Stroll of “New Left Media” set out to determine just what was it about Sarah Palin that impelled her supporters to stand in massive lines for hours for the chance to meet her at book signings.

They interviewed several of her supporters who were waiting in line at a Borders bookstore in Columbus, Ohio. These fans expressed very strong support for Palin, but it was mostly couched in vague generalities about her being “real” and “strong” and “fair.”

Good grief. Interviewed several supporters. Yea, that is really a scientific sampling. I’m not certain what they expect everyday people to say to some jokers who walk up and start asking questions. There is a lot of people that voted for Obama that couldn’t explain why just as much as people wanting to meet Palin and couldn’t tell you a thing about her. They are clearly hoping they will get those moments that will make Palin’s supporters look bad.

At least ABC News could see a bigger picture than simply trying to insult people:

Their questions seemed respectful enough but were they going for “gotcha” moments? — watch the video and you decide. The answers they elicited were disheartening to say the least, but this is in no way an indictment of Sarah Palin or her supporters. If anything, it’s one more indication of the dumbing-down of America.

I have to agree with ABCNews on this. It’s why we homeschool our kids.

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Huffington Post is Clearly Obsessed With Sarah Palin

I just checked Google to see how many blogs wrote a post about Sarah Palin in the last 24 hours. I guess it wasn’t shocking to see Huffington Post consumed with Sarah Palin. They must have a crush on the woman.

In the last 24 hours Google News/Blogs search shows that HuffPro has written 8 blog posts about Palin. That is more than me and this blog is all about Palin. Expand the search out a week and see just how obsessed with her they really are.

I didn’t know much about Huffington Post before Palin went on her book tour. I knew they were a libtard rag with commentary that I didn’t agree much with on the oft chance I visited. Interesting how bitter so many contributing writers are about Palin.

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Huffington Post is Bemused With The Idea of Sarah Palin as President

Huffington Post continues their round robin attacks on Sarah Palin. Robert J. Elisberg indicates that he is bemused with the fans of Palin. I’m simply embarrassed for these folks that continue to belittle and insult Palion and her supporters. At this point they are looking like fools. More pathetic commentary:

It never ceases to bemuse me when I see people raving about Sarah Palin as their beloved choice for President of the United States. Mayor! Governor! Maverick! It is a response that speaks volumes, not about Ms. Palin, but about her disciples. And what it speaks is not flattering.

Anyone who supports Sarah Palin for President of the United States is blindly and shamelessly willing to overlook reality. It isn’t that Sarah Palin is not remotely qualified by any conception of the human thought process to be president (she’s not), it’s that she has no place even at the table for discussion.

Elisberg is one of the first writers that pretty much bypassed Palin and went straight to insulting her supporters. Is it any wonder why the elites are losing ground politically? They cannot keep up the insults and expect to hold power. The contempt they have for middle Americans is completely transparent at this point. We’ve seen it as they belittle the Tea Parties. They slam Palin and her supporters. They dismiss those that went to the Town Hall meetings. And they continue to fail at every turn.

Elisberg doesn’t think that being a mayor in a small Alaska town is worthwhile. He complains that Plain quit as Governor. He doesn’t think she has any foreign policy experience. Blah, blah, blah. This would all be somewhat credible if the elite’s candidate and our President wasn’t such a joke. Talk about not having experience. At least Palin had executive experience. A couple of years as a Senator and a few years as community organizer clearly isn’t doing the job for Americans with the current President.

Elisberg repeated himself 4 times in his article. To, you know, make the point she isn’t qualified. The only point he could make is that he had nothing of substance to write. This is probably one of the most condescending and insulting pieces of Palin commentary I’ve read.

Why exactly do the elites think you have to have some sort of grand pedigree to be President anyway? We keep electing these clowns with Ivy League educations and they appoint more people with Ivy League educations. Clearly they have no common sense when it comes to financial matters. The regular folks keep telling the clowns to stop spending and they continue to drive us further into debt.

Personally I would prefer someone that was not a member of the Washington elites. We might actually get some common sense restored even if the bureaucracy experience level of the candidate is somewhat dubious. Whether that is Palin or someone else with qualifications the elites do not approve of. Screw them. We see what having “qualified” people are doing to this nation anyway.

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